[Express Detail]

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An express detail is our most economical detail. It is designed for newer cars that don’t need a full reconditioning or for customers who are looking to save some money.



Tires, wheels, wheel wells, doorsills and plastic cladding are all pretreated with degreaser to break down dirt, oil, and grime. Vehicle is pressure washed with heated water to remove all surface dirt A specialized bug remover is sprayed over all forward facing surfaces. Bug sponges are then used to safely clean the front end of the vehicle. Wheels are custom treated with various wheel cleaners. This depends on the materials the wheel are made of and their condition. Each vehicle gets fresh wash mitts and is hand washed. Vehicles are dried by hand with synthetic chamois. Door jambs are wiped out. Your car is now ready to be detailed.
Interior is vacuumed and an aerosol foam is used to clean the carpets and seats. Interior panels are wiped down. An aerosol dressing protects vinyl surfaces and adds gloss.
Dark colored cars are polished with a dual action polisher. Light colored cars are further cleaned with a clay bar treatment. Meguiars Synthetic sealant is applied to give protection to paint. Wheels are dressed. Windows are cleaned inside and out
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