[Five Star Executive Detail]

 at Rose Detailing

Our Five star Executive Detail is designed for our customers who are looking to have their entire vehicle reconditioned. Every inch of the vehicle is cleaned, shines, shampooed or polished.This the choice for our customers who enjoy a perfectly clean vehicle, want to recondition an older vehicle, or want to increase the value of a vehicle in order to sell it.



Engine Compartment
Electrical components, distributors and spark plug wires are covered to prevent water damage. Engine compartment is coated with a degreaser to loosen built up oil, dirt, and grime. Our 160 degree hot water pressure washer is used to clean the engine compartment and underside of hood. Engine compartment is dried with compressed air. A water based engine dressing coats the engine cover, hoses and belts. This adds a deep luster and conditions rubber components.
Tires, wheels, wheel wells, door sills and plastic cladding are all pretreated with degreaser to break down dirt, oil, and grime. Vehicle is pressure washed with heated water to remove all surface dirt A specialized bug remover is sprayed over all forward facing surfaces. Bug sponges are then used to safely clean the front end of the vehicle. Wheels are custom treated with various wheel cleaners. This depends on the materials the wheel are made of and their condition. Each vehicle gets fresh wash mitts and is hand washed. Vehicles are dried by hand with synthetic chamois. Door jambs are wiped out. Your car is now ready to be detailed.
Interior Detail
Floor mats are pressure washed, scrubbed, and rinsed with our heated carpet extractor. They are then dried. Personal items are bagged and set aside. Trunks are vacuumed. Carpets and seats are custom cleaned depending on condition and types of stains. Our heated carpet extractor rinses out all chemicals and most dirt and stains. A variety of cleaners and brushes are used to scrub interior panels, dash board, and center console. Leather interiors are cleaned with mild detergents, dried, and rejuvenated with a leather conditioner. A medium gloss dressing is applied to all vinyl surfaces. It adds gloss without a greasy feel.
Exterior Detail
Paint is further cleaned by chemically removing tar and tree sap. Detailing clay is used to remove bonded contaminants and leave your paint clean and smooth.. Perfectly clean paint is now ready to be reconditioned. A custom tailored high speed buff removes scratches and restores gloss. Paint is then further polished with random orbit, dual action polishers. This further enhances gloss and removes any swirl marks left from the initial buffing. A synthetic polymer paint sealant made from Meguiars is applied both by hand and with a polisher to protect the paint. Windows cleaned, chrome polished, tires dressed. Final check out in the sun.
Small to mid-sized cars, compact trucks
Large cars, SUV's Full-sized trucks
Large SUV's, Custom Vans
$224.95 +